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Photovoltaic monitoring system

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  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Mechanical Loading
  • Operation parameters
  • Mechanical parameters
  • Temperature Ratings
    • Commodity name: Photovoltaic monitoring system

    Intelligent photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance platform



    The scheme provides a complete set of monitoring and management products for intelligent photovoltaic power station data collection, power station monitoring, operation and maintenance operation. Through the cloud big data analysis platform, modern communication and intelligent software and hardware technologies are applied to help users realize the core functions of transparent management, automatic operation and maintenance, intelligent diagnosis and auxiliary decision-making of all photovoltaic power stations under its banner, reduce power generation loss and operation and maintenance costs; at the same time, the program provides power station rating, power station financialization and other business support services, and has a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, fully meet the user in the life cycle of photovoltaic power station management needs at all levels, maximize the value of the power station, protect the user's core assets.
    Intelligent and flexible
    • Cloud big data real-time analysis platform for fast data processing
    • Intelligent online analysis platform, multi-dimensional display of power station data
    Push multiple sets of defect elimination schemes at the same time of fault information prompt.
    Concise and efficient
    • With a variety of standard communication interface, realize the power station fast access
    Cloud data minute-level processing, synchronous push mobile APP
    Assist on-site operation and maintenance personnel to quickly eliminate faults
    Safe and reliable
    • Reliable cloud computing platform, proven network security
    • Stable system reliability
    • 7*24 hours uninterrupted equipment monitoring


    Smart Devices
    Equipment Type
    Inverter, combiner box, environmental detector, electric meter, box transformer measurement and control, intelligent components, line protection and other equipment
    Maximum Access Capacity
    More than 100GW
    Acquisition environment
    Acquisition Support
    Insight Pro monitoring platform, SolarInfo Logger device, SolarInfo GPRS device, Solarinfo Bank monitoring platform
    Acquisition Interval
    1 minute ~ 15 minutes optional
    Acquisition mode
    GPRS, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Wired Broadband
    Client Environment
    IE9 above, Chrome40 above, Safari
    Language version
    Chinese, English
    Screen Resolution
    1366 × 768 or above, recommended 1920 × 1080
    Terminal Environment
    Support platform
    Android4.0 and above
    Screen Resolution
    Recommended resolution 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720
    System parameters
    Data retention years
    > 25 years
    system reliability
    Storage Specifications


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