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Photovoltaic monitoring system

Electrical parameters
Mechanical parameters
Temperature rating
Limit parameter
Quality assurance

Smart PV power plant operation and maintenance platform



The program provides a complete set of monitoring and management products for smart PV power plant data acquisition, power station monitoring and operation and maintenance operations. Through the cloud big data analysis platform, it applies modern communication and intelligent software and hardware technologies to help users realize transparent management of all their PV power plants. Core functions such as automated operation and maintenance, intelligent diagnosis and decision-making, reduce power generation loss and reduce operation and maintenance costs; at the same time, the program provides service support services such as power station rating and power station financialization, and has perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. The system fully meets the user's management needs at all levels in the life cycle of the PV power plant, maximizing the value of the power station and protecting the core assets of the users.
Smart and flexible
• Cloud big data real-time analytics platform to process data quickly
• Intelligent online analysis platform, multi-dimensional display of power station data
• Pushing multiple sets of missing solutions at the same time as the fault message is prompted
Simple and efficient
• A variety of standard communication interfaces for fast access to power plants
• Cloud data minute processing, synchronous push mobile APP
• Auxiliary on-site operation and maintenance personnel to quickly eliminate faults
Safe and reliable
• Adopting a reliable cloud computing platform and network security
• Stable system reliability
• 7*24 hours uninterrupted equipment monitoring


 smart device
 Equipment type
Inverter, combiner box, environmental detector, electric meter, box variable measurement and control, intelligent components, line protection and other equipment
 Maximum access capacity
More than 100GW
 Collection environment
 Acquisition support
Insight Pro monitoring platform, SolarInfo Logger device, SolarInfo GPRS device, Solarinfo Bank monitoring platform
 Collection interval
1 minute to 15 minutes optional
 Collection method
GPRS, 3G, 4G, Wifi, cable broadband
 Client environment
IE9 or above, Chrome40 or above, Safari
 language version
Chinese English
 Screen Resolution
1366×768 or above, 1920×1080 recommended
 Terminal environment
 Support platform
Android4.0 or above
 Screen Resolution
Recommended resolution 1920×1080, 1280×720
 System parameters
 Data retention period
>25 years
 System reliability
 Storage specification


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