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AC Combiner Box

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    • Commodity name: AC Combiner Box
    • Commodity ID: 1156171135297671168
    AC Combiner Box
    Dedicated to the output collection of distributed grid-connected inverter, equipped with lightning protection module, multi-function meter, and can realize remote monitoring. According to the site conditions of different projects, different forms of AC box or AC cabinet solutions are provided, large terminal grid-connected AC cabinets are provided for large ground power stations, and primary and secondary confluence solutions are provided for group string systems, while optimizing the design, reducing system costs and improving system operation reliability.


    Rated operating voltage 400VAC
    input output circuit Customized according to specific programs
    Detected data Current, voltage, power, electrical degree, etc.
    Reverse flow detection function Configure anti-backflow detection and control functions (optional)
    Display function Equipped with multi-function digital instrument
    Communication mode RS485
    Communication Protocol Standard Modbus-RTS Protocol/DLT645
    Heat dissipation mode Configure temperature and humidity controller and cooling fan
    Installation Environment Indoor, altitude ≤ 4000m (above 4000m to be customized)
    Installation method Floor mounted
    Your body material Cold-rolled steel plate/aluminum-zinc coated plate
    Operating environment -35 °c ~ + 70 °c 5-59%
    Volume 2200*800*800


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