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DC Combiner Box

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    • Commodity name: DC Combiner Box
    • Commodity ID: 1156171137902333952
    DC Combiner Box
    Hongde Technology Photovoltaic Combiner Box is a highly reliable and practical photovoltaic supporting product designed in accordance with the national Golden Sun standard and the electric power industry standard, including DC combiner box and AC combiner box. The combiner box is equipped with photovoltaic special lightning protection module, fuse, anti-reverse diode (optional) and circuit breaker and other components.
    直流汇流箱  弘德科技光伏汇流箱按照国家金太阳标准与电力行业标准来设计的高可靠性且实用的光伏配套产品,包括直流汇流箱和交流汇流箱;汇流箱内配置了光伏专用防雷模块、熔断器、防反二极管(可选配)和断路器等元件。
    10-loop combiner box 12-Loop Combiner Box 14-Loop junction box 16-loop combiner box
    Rated operating voltage DC1000V Protection class Ip65 Protection class Ip65 Protection class Ip65
    Rated current of each incoming fuse 15A Size (mm) 560 (W) * 380 (H) * 180 (D) Size (mm) 600 (W) * 400 (H) * 220 (D) Size (mm) 600 (W) * 400 (H) * 220 (D)
    Protection class Ip65 Weight (kg)14 Weight (kg)15 Weight (kg)16.5
    Size (mm)560 (W) * 380 (H) * 180 (D)      
    Weight (kg)13.5      



    With 8-way and 16-way input as the basic unit, and can be customized according to customer needs outline drawing
    Using professional DC high voltage circuit breaker, DC withstand voltage value is not less than DC1000V, safe and reliable
    Each input is equipped with photovoltaic special high-voltage DC fuse protection, and can provide various specifications of the fuse core according to the PV string needs.
    Positive and negative are equipped with photovoltaic special lightning protection device, with dual lightning protection function
    The optional detection unit detects the string current and bus voltage, and can record and display the operation status remotely
    If a fault occurs, an alarm will be sent to the detection system through the communication interface.
    The detection unit adopts high-precision processing chip, using reliable performance, wide measurement range, with high sensitivity and accuracy of the current measuring element.
    Outdoor wall-mounted installation, waterproof, anti-penetration, protection level up to IP65, to meet the outdoor installation and use
    The built-in anti-reverse diode can effectively prevent the string current from flowing back.
    Easy and fast installation and maintenance

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