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Ground support


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north of the Yangtze River18351051968 (Manager Lin)
south of the Yangtze River
13773441912(Manager Hao)


  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Mechanical Loading
  • Operation parameters
  • Mechanical parameters
  • Temperature Ratings
    • Commodity name: Ground support
    • Commodity ID: 1156171143187156992
    ■ Installation position/lnstallation place: Ground/Flat Roof/Ground/flat roof
    ■ Bevel Bracket Assembly/Module slop: According to actual needs/According to the practical demand
    ■ Wind load capacity/Wind load: 40 m/s, 32.5kg/m2, Class 13
    ■ Snow load capacity/Snow load: 70kg/m2
    ■ Bracket type/Module type Frame/Frame
    ■ MATERIAL/Material: Aluminum profile, stainless steel, galvanized steel/Aluminum profile
    ■ Color/Colour: Color/Natural
    ■Service life/Warranty time: 25 years
    spiral pile
    No need for excavation, no damage to the value and ecological environment, no pollution;
    Suitable for desert, Gobi, grassland, beach, shallow beach and other geological environment;
    The pile body has good integrity, continuous compactness, strong foundation bearing capacity and good corrosion resistance;
    High installation efficiency, no need to repair the site;
    独立基础、条形基础 独立基础,形式简单、埋置较深、开挖量及回填量较大; 条形基础,基础埋置深度较浅、混凝土用量相对较大,多应用于地基承载力较差、对不均匀沉降要求高的光伏支架安装系统中。
    Independent foundation, strip foundation
    Independent foundation, simple form, deep embedment, large excavation and backfilling;
    Strip foundation, the foundation buried depth is shallow, the amount of concrete is relatively large, and it is mostly used in the photovoltaic bracket installation system with poor foundation bearing capacity and high requirements for uneven settlement.
    独立基础、条形基础 独立基础,形式简单、埋置较深、开挖量及回填量较大; 条形基础,基础埋置深度较浅、混凝土用量相对较大,多应用于地基承载力较差、对不均匀沉降要求高的光伏支架安装系统中。

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