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We specialize in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of crystalline silicon solar cell modules, photovoltaic system engineering, and photovoltaic application products.


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    The direct current generated by photovoltaic cells is converted into alternating current and fed into the grid, which is the core control equipment of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system. According to the use of the inverter in the photovoltaic power generation system, it can be divided into off-grid inverter and grid-connected inverter.
    According to the needs of different photovoltaic power stations, Hongde Technology can choose different power off-grid inverters, which can meet the needs of roof systems, large-scale ground power stations and off-grid systems, and choose well-known brands from domestic and foreign manufacturers for customers.
    将光伏电池产生的直流电转换成交流电馈入电网,是光伏并网发电系统的核心控制设备。根据逆变器在光伏发电系统中的用途可分为离网型逆变器和并网型逆变器。  弘德科技根据不同光伏电站的需要,可选择不同功率的离并网逆变器,能满足屋顶系统、地面大型电站、离网系统需求,为客户选择国内外知名厂家品牌。将光伏电池产生的直流电转换成交流电馈入电网,是光伏并网发电系统的核心控制设备。根据逆变器在光伏发电系统中的用途可分为离网型逆变器和并网型逆变器。  弘德科技根据不同光伏电站的需要,可选择不同功率的离并网逆变器,能满足屋顶系统、地面大型电站、离网系统需求,为客户选择国内外知名厂家品牌。

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