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We specialize in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of crystalline silicon solar cell modules, photovoltaic system engineering, and photovoltaic application products.


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  • 产品描述
  • Electrical performance parameters
  • Load capacity
  • Operation parameters
  • Mechanical parameters
  • Temperature coefficient
    • Commodity name: HD156M-72
     HD156M-72 High-quality silicon wafer and battery technology ensure high conversion rate of components  HD156M-72 Packaging materials and strict process ensure that the components are resistant to PID and snail lines
     HD156M-72 Through the sand dust, salt spray, ammonia corrosion test, can cope with harsh environment  HD156M-72 Component current profiling maximizes system output efficiency
     HD156M-72 Excellent performance at low irradiance through battery process  HD156M-72 High transparent self-cleaning tempered glass assists in additional power output and convenient maintenance
    Electrical parameters (standard test conditions)
    Maximum powerPm(W) 355 350 345 340 335 330
    Power tolerancePm(W) 0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W
    Operating voltage at maximum power pointVm(V) 38.8 38.2 38.3 37.9 37.6 37.2
    Operating current at maximum power pointIm(A) 9.14 8.64 9.02 8.97 8.91 8.86
    open circuit voltage3003 (V) 47.4 46.7 47.7 47.3 46.9 46.6
    Short-circuit currentIsc(A) 9.65 9.11 9.38 9.35 9.32 9.29
    Component efficiency(%) 18.30 18.01 17.70 17.50 17.26 17.01
    Standard test conditions: (air quality AM1.5, irradiance 1000W/m², battery temperature 25 ℃) under the measured value


  • Mechanical parameters
    Solar cells 156x156mm monocrystalline silicon
    Cell type Set of 72 tablets (6x12)
    Component dimensions 1956x992x40mm
    weight 22.5KG/26KG
    glass 3.2mm/4mm high transparency, anti-reflection coated tempered glass
    Backplane white
    frame Silver, anodized aluminum
    Junction box Protection class IP67
    cable 4mm², 1200mm PV cable
    connector Original MC4 or MC4 compatible
    Wind pressure/snow pressure 2400Pa/5400Pa*
  • Temperature rating
    Rated battery operating temperature 45±2℃
    Maximum power temperature coefficient -0.40%/℃
    Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient -0.29%/℃
    Temperature coefficient of short-circuit current 0.05%/℃
  • Limit parameters
    Operating temperature -40~+85℃
    Maximum system voltage 1000V DC(IEC)
    Maximum fuse current rating 15A
  • quality assurance
    12 years product warranty
    25-year linear power guarantee
    For more information, please refer to the Product Quality Guarantee Certificate
  • Packaging method
    Capacity per carton 26 tablets
    Loading capacity per 40-foot container 572 tablets

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