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Electrical parameters
Mechanical parameters
Temperature rating
Limit parameter
Quality assurance
 江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 High-quality silicon and high-efficiency battery technology ensure high conversion rates of components  江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 A selection of packaging materials and a rigorous process guarantees component resistance to PID and snail
 江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 It can effectively cope with harsh environments through sand, salt spray and ammonia corrosion tests.  江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 Component current binning maximizes system output efficiency
 江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 Excellent performance under low irradiance through a special battery process  江苏弘德科技发展有限公司 Highly transparent self-cleaning tempered glass for additional power generation output and convenient maintenance
Electrical parameters (standard test conditions)
Maximum powerPm(W) 295 290 285 280 275
Power tolerancePm(W) 0~5W 0~5W 0~5W 0~5W 0~5W
Operating voltage at maximum power pointVm(V) 32.5 32.2 31.8 31.7 31.6
Operating current at maximum power pointIm(A) 9.08 9.01 8.97 8.84 8.70
Open circuit voltageVoc(V) 39.6 38.9 38.5 38.4 38.3
Short circuit currentIsc(A) 9.68 9.66 9.51 9.42 9.40
Component efficiency(%) 18.00 17.70 17.40 17.10 16.80
Standard test conditions: measured values (atmospheric mass AM1.5, irradiance 1000 W/m2, battery temperature 25 °C)




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Mechanical parameters
Solar cell 156x156mm monocrystalline silicon
Number of cells A set of 60 pieces (6x10)
Component size 1640x992x40mm
weight 18.5KG
glass 3.2mm high permeability, anti-reflection coated tempered glass
Backplane 白色
frame Silver, anodized aluminum
Junction Box Protection class IP65/IP67
cable 4mm2, 900mm photovoltaic special cable
Connector Original MC4 or MC4 compatible


Temperature rating
Rated battery operating temperature 45±2℃
Maximum power temperature coefficient -0.40%/℃
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient -0.29%/℃
Short circuit current temperature coefficient 0.05%/℃


Duǎnlù diànliú wēndù xìshù
Short circuit current temperature coefficient
Limit parameter
Operating temperature -40~+85℃
Maximum system voltage 1000V DC(IEC)
Maximum fuse rated current 15A


Quality assurance
12-year product warranty
25 years linear power guarantee
For details, please refer to the product quality guarantee.


Capacity per case 26 pieces
Container loading capacity per 40 feet 728 pieces


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