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Power station operation and maintenance director

2019/04/12 11:02
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招聘岗位工作性质招聘人数:1人工作地点:江苏扬州薪资:面议发布时间:2018年6月22日    职位描述:  1.全面主持运维工作,制定和完善电站运维管理制度并组织实施 2.执行相关安全法规和规定,制定和控制电站运行中的各项工作环节、流程,确保人身和设备安全 3.指导所属各电站计划和运营管理工作,优化调整电站运行方式 4.定期组织运营分析会,对所辖电站运行和执行情况进行分析 5.负责运维人员管理、
Power station operation and maintenance director
Recruitment position
Nature of the work
Number of recruits
work place
release time
Power station operation and maintenance director
full time
1 person
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
June 22, 2018

   description of job:

1. Fully preside over the operation and maintenance work, formulate and improve the power station operation and maintenance management system and organize implementation
2. Implement relevant safety regulations and regulations, formulate and control various work links and processes in the operation of the power station to ensure personal and equipment safety.
3. Guide the planning and operation management of each power station, optimize and adjust the operation mode of the power station
4. Organize regular operational analysis meetings to analyze the operation and implementation of the power plants under its jurisdiction.
5. Responsible for management and assessment of operation and maintenance personnel, and standardize the work responsibilities and work processes of each position.
6. Responsible for preparing the annual operation plan of the power station and formulating the quarterly and monthly work plan
  Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, electrical, engineering, or related fields
2. Trained in production operations management, management, management skills development, etc.
3. Have more than 8 years of working experience in the same position, can adapt to frequent business trips
4. Has a wealth of relevant product technical knowledge and related practical work experience
5. Can write management system for PV power plant operation and maintenance manual
6. Ability to independently organize and manage large-scale photovoltaic power plants
7. Strong ability to organize, express, communicate, negotiate and coordinate
8. Wide range of knowledge and work under greater pressure
9. Have strong resilience and responsibility


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