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Standard PV service system includes

- Solar Business Consulting - Industry and Corporate News Subscriptions - Product and Service Portfolio Information and Recommendations - Partner Program Development - Transaction Help and Status Updates - Logistics Status Tracking - Installation Technical Support - Warranty and Insurance Registration - After Sales Needs - Other Services


Solar consulting service

Hongde Technology Services team is ready to answer your questions about solar investment. From solar concepts, photovoltaic system structures to solar investment processes, we help you realize your dream of clean energy.

Technical support service

We have established a comprehensive technical support and service system. Based on years of operational experience and extensive expertise, Hongde Technology team will provide you with customized technical solutions based on your actual situation.

After sales service

We implement a strict quality management control system to continuously improve the reliability and stability of our products and services. Through real-time online services, experienced service agents, and full lifecycle service tracking systems, we are on call to answer questions and provide them with optimized solutions.

Hongde Technology provides you with complete pre-sales and after-sales services, including product recommendation, cooperation planning, business support, logistics support, on-site service response and more. With an excellent service team, we provide you with professional and efficient services.